Back to blogging

As we say in programming: hello, world.

It’s been a while since I've written anything longer than a tweet. I started my first blog over twenty years ago, cataloging my evolution through my guitar lessons and swim workouts. But in recent years I’ve also passed through phases that haven’t been conducive to sharing, like divorce, and secret work projects. I'd like to start articulating some longer form ideas again. But let's ease back in with a little status update.

I left my job a couple weeks ago. That was planned. What I didn't plan was for it to happen during a pandemic. I last saw colleagues in person several weeks earlier, and of course my goodbye lunch was cancelled. On my last day, I dead-dropped my equipment at my desk in a completely empty office. And the fact that everyone’s working remotely now... well, if I’d had access to that earlier, maybe I’d have stayed.

My plan had been to take time to restore and explore. But now I’m sheltering in place, and crisis schooling my kid. So some goals are deferred, and some are still happening. I don’t know which are which yet, and I'm trying to stay flexible and open to what needs to happen. Honestly, things are pretty unpredictable and scary.

But you know what I can control right now? This little corner of the internet. So here I am. Maybe some of what I write will help you too. I'd love that. But mostly, I'm writing for the meaning it will bring me. I want to see what I write when left to my own devices. Let's find out!