Hi, I'm Kate. 🌈

I'm a software developer and programming instructor in San Francisco. My superpowers include coding, explaining technical concepts simply, and dismantling the patriarchy.

At Apple I wrote documentation for SwiftUI, Core Data, Link Presentation, ImageCaptureCore, and Release Notes.

Before that, I developed iOS courses at Udacity, taught as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Mills College, and managed a classroom of adult learners as an iOS Instructor at General Assembly. I also taught artists to code at RISD | CE, and co-wrote Adobe AIR in Action. I've spoken at conferences in more countries than I have fingers, in cities from San Francisco to Montréal to Madrid to Warsaw.

I took a five year pause from the paid workforce, which I mention here to give heart to other caregivers. You've got this. I also founded, crowdfunded, hosted and produced Motherboard Podcast.

I've appeared as a guest on 3, 2, 1, iRelaunch (2019), Tech Bitch (2018), Source Code Berlin (2015), and BBC World Service (2013, begins at 7:15). Print interviews include Work Pause Thrive by Lisen Stromberg (2017), Silicon Valley Needs to Change How it Treats Working Mothers by Alexandra Samuel (2017), and Returning to the Workforce by Elyse Kolin (2016).

Ask me about leveling equity!